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Easytag build for Mac OS X




Please note that I am not affiliated with the easytag project.

This build is made from the GPL'd Easytag code and is provided under the GPL.
It comes with no warranty at all and it is provided :


For further information look in the "LICENSE" file in the Distribution.



This is an attempt to produce an easy to use binary package of EasyTAG for OSX.

"EasyTAG is a utility for viewing and editing tags for MP3, MP2, MP4/AAC, FLAC, Ogg Vorbis, MusePack, Monkey's Audio and WavPack files. Its simple and nice GTK+ interface makes tagging easier under GNU/Linux or Windows."

Unfortunately there is (as of January 2010) no official binary package of EasyTAG for Mac OS X. There is however the possibility to install it via Fink, darwinports or compile it completely from Source.

However most mac users are used to have a ready to use binary, which they just drag to their Application folder. I like this distribution form too.

So I set up a build environment and build this package myself using jhbuild and ige-mac-bundler. Here it is for you to download an use.



» Easy to use Mac Application Package.
» Provided in standard mac disc image format.
» All supported libraries are available and compiled in (except wavepack).
» Runs natively on your desktop without the need for the X-Server, using quartz-GTK.
» Uses the Mac OS X MenuBar natively
» Dressed in an OS X like GTK2 theme
» Employs a cocoa wrapper, which uses the Sparkle update framwork


A picture says more than a few words :

EasyTAG OSX in action
Almost all possible audio format support is compiled in
EasyTAG Disk Image
OS X Menubar Integration
easy updating for EasyTAG with Sparkle


alpha 5 [01.08.2011, 10.5-10.8 (Intel)]
(9,0 MB)

Easytag 2.1.6 with the "manual cddb search fix patch" build and various Mac OS X tweaks

To comply with the GPL I provide here the GPL and LGPL Source Packages of the libraries I used to build EasyTAG.

(alpha 5 has the same source, only gtk framework changes in alpha 5)
(modified with preliminary Bugfixes for gtk+ Bug 655074 , gtk+ Bug 655122 )
glib-2.27.3_mod.tar.bz2 (modified to make it work on 10.4 and 10.5)

My Sparkle Helper Application (MIT-style licensed) :


Release History

alpha5 [01.08.2011]
» Bugfix release for Mac OS X Lion (10.7)
» Updated to new GTK 2.24.0
» Fixes crash with undecorated GTK+ windows at startup on Lion (gtk+ Bug 655074)
» Fixes crash when resizing GTK+ windows on Lion (gtk+ Bug 655122)

alpha4 [31.12.2010]
» Using the OS X MenuBar
» Added Mac OS X alike themeing
» Update notification and self-updating capatibilities with a Sparkle helper application

alpha3 [07.05.2010]
» Made the build really 10.5 and 10.4 compatible (Intel only)
– Removed libwavepack support (temporarily)

alpha2 [25.04.2010]
» Made the build 10.5 and 10.4 compatible
» Fixed Logo, and Changes file in the About dialog
» Fixed About dialog Easytag Homepage URL launching

alpha1 [16.02.2010]
Initial Release

Known Issues and Limitations

» Mac integration is not perfect yet (Finder “Open with”, etc …)
» Issues with libwavepack, temporarily removed from the package
» Loading the Application initially takes longer on 10.4 and 10.5 than on 10.6 and 10.7, you will probably see the spinning ball for a few seconds, nonetheless everything should work


The original EasyTAG documentation is included in the disk image.

Bugs, Improvements, Comments

If you encounter any bugs with this build, have improvements or comments please leave a comment or send me an email to
masch82 $$AT$$ .


83 Responses to “Easytag build for Mac OS X”

  • @Tony
    Your build crashes when loading a dir with OGG files. MP3 work fine. Tested on Mavericks. Thanks for the effort, anyway.

  • Great tool.
    Any chance to get it switch to German?

  • Hi there,

    Your build of EasyTAG hasn’t been updated in a few years, so I’ve picked up the mantle and started my own builds:

    I hope somebody here will find them useful :)

  • I just wanted to thank you for this. I came over to Mac a few months ago, and it was very nice having one of my most used programs available. Have you made any progress on a 2.1.8 build? Thank you very much!

  • Thank you Marco, I’m also coming from Linux and EasyTag is the only music file tagger you wanna use =) and your version is the only one that I was able to run on my ML. You surely did a great job !

  • Great job !

  • Works great (Lion 10.7.5). Is there an option to also rename the folder?

  • you saved my lıfe ı want to donate you but just cant fınd how thanks guys really thanks

  • Works great on Mountain Lion 10.8.2 very thanks!

  • Hi,

    Thank you so much for the excellent work.

    I’d like to report a issue here: Folder/file names in Chinese are not displayed correctly. They were displayed as a square box. I can’t attached a screenshot here. I can send through email if needed.


  • Indeed I have already implemented feature 1 for myself, but I haven’t had the time to do the usual testing and release that version.

    So Drag and Drop from browsers in the picture field will be possible in the next released version.

    However automatic retrieval of album art won’t be available anytime soon unless the main easytag developers include such a feature.


    Regards Marco

  • Hi Marco,
    first I have to thank you for this good piece of software.
    After this, unless I miss some info and there is a different way to accomplish this, I dare to ask you to improve the picture management by allowing pasting pictures in the picture field from the clipboard.
    Moreover it should be very useful retrieve the artwork pictures in the same way the other info are retrieved directly from the web.
    Thanks again.


    OS X 10.8.2 (Mountain Lion)

  • Thanks for the report, I just changed the compatibility to 10.5 upwards.

    Unfortunately I don’t have access to any 10.4 Systems to debug this problem. So if you want it resolved, please contact me via mail (See under Contact). I would need some more information, especially error messages, stack traces and the like. You can usually find these in ~/Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports, but I’m not 100% if that’s also the location on 10.4 .


    Regards Marco

  • Neither Alpha 4 or Alpha 5 launch on my 2006 MacBook Pro running OS X 10.4.11. Dock Bounce, then crash.

  • Because I haven’t received any negative reports and my initial tests inside a Mountain Lion (10.8) VM didn’t prove otherwise I herby declare my build 10.8 compatible ;-)

    If you have any problems with 10.8, please tell me.

  • This is highly appreciated! Glad to see you haven’t given up the project either.

    Thank you so much.

  • thanks!! just what i needed

  • Yes an update to 2.1.7 is planned. However I have no idea yet on the timeframe :-o

  • Thanks a LOT!
    Comming from Ubuntu to Mac OSX I really missed EasyTag!

  • Will you update to EasyTAG 2.1.7?
    Anyway thanks a lot for the work!

  • This works great!! Thanks for this.

  • I’m glad you like it. In a few months I’ll be completley finished with university, and have hopefully some more spare time (haha). I hope to do a new build and release it in (late) summer.
    I like the idea of documenting the build process in detail for others to apply to similar gtk programs. So you might get what you desire ;-)

    Regards Marco

  • Great Stuff!!

    This is good. I’ve been moving my macports and with each OS upgrade I dread the ports upgrade as well. Building the ports version of EasyTag was a pain for needing to build all the dependencies etc. I really appreciate this. Now my ports binary tree will be a lot smaller because of this. I was wondering if you could sometime post a piece on your packaging experience. I’ve been dying to carry meld over with me to other macs without dragging the whole ports tree around.

    thanks for this once again!!


  • Great stuff – thanks a lot for the work!

  • Even though I can not say it would make any difference for me in speed, you can easily do that yourself :

    Right click on “” -> “Show package Contents” -> Navigate to “Contents->Resources->etc->gtk-2.0″ -> Delete file gtkrc
    Then Launch application without any gtk theme.

    Regards Marco

  • Hi,
    Could you make a build with the old UI? The Mac-like UI seems to be really slow, compared to the original UI.

  • Hey, just wanna to say thanks.

    Thanks Marco,

  • hey marco, me again.

    i know that redesigning the UI is a lot of work but, in a next future version would it be easy to remember window positions between launches(main window, cddb window and scanner window)? i set them side by side so i can have full access without keeping any window in the background, and that would help a lot already.

    thanks and hope all is well with you.

  • Thanks for this Lion compatible version. Works a treat :) I was missing my easy tagging features after upgrading to Lion. Now my upgrade is complete.

  • Made my EasyTAG build for OSX Lion compatible. Thanks to the gtk+ people who provided gtk Lion patches in no time.

    Please post some feedback if it works correctly. I would especially need feedback from 10.4 Users (if there are any left ;-) because I can’t test that myself …

    And thanks to all the Users who reported feedback already.

  • Thanks Marco, waiting for that Lion build.

  • Like Lex reported earlier, it does not work under Lion (10.7) at the moment.
    This is probably because of a critical bug in gtk-mac which gets fixed about now by the maintainers and is needed for my easytag-mac version to run.
    If this solves the problem I will release a Lion compatible version soon (ETA: approx. 01.08.11)

    Regards Marco

  • I poked a bit around, it’s not your configuration – I have the same issue, when creating a folder with your chinese words. After some digging mailing lists and reading the docs I came to the conclusion that this is probably some Pango problem. “Pango” is a library for gtk that has to do with font rendering.
    I tried some stuff with Pango configuration but I could not succeed in making it work – however I am not the only OSX – Gtk user/developer, others have simliar issues with asian and arabic font rendering.
    It seems neither they nor me have been able to circumvent this issue so far, and I am not into Pango – low level gtk/MacOS programming that much to fix this from scratch myself.

    But I tried to contact the other ppl with this issue and we will see if someone can help me on it – if so I will inform you about it.

    Regards Marco

    P.S. : If you know another GTK+ application that can render Chinese fonts on MacOSX correctly I would love to know so I could look at the source (if available) to check how they do it.

  • hmmm, i see.

    Maybe the default font didn’t contain these characters.

    That could be the case. Then you should probably try out some others.

    If you like then you can send me some of the folder names via email (look under contact). Then I can try to reproduce it and then we will see if this is a general problem or has to do something with your machine / configuration.


  • Hi, marco. Thanks for your rapid reply.

    I take a screenshot here:

    Maybe the default font didn’t contain these characters. I have homebrew installed(to /brew), but without gtk. I also checked {~,/etc}/.gtkrc{,-2.0}, both don’t exist.

    I’m using osx 10.6.7.

  • You mean the folder names are not even displayed correctly in the file tree if they contain non-ascii / unicode Characters ?
    This works for me – but then probably I am not using the same unsupported chars when I test it here …

    The only thing I can imagine is that you have some non standard font in .gtkrc or .gtkrc-2.0 ?
    You can not change font options in easytag itself, only ID3 Tag Encoding Options but these should be unicode by default and this should not affect the folder tree display.

    What version of Mac OS are you running ?
    Do you have any other GTK framework stuff (or macports) installed ? altough I think that shouldn’t matter either, because I override these paths when starting easytag.

    Regards Marco

  • Good work!

    But did I missing some font display options? My non-ascii folder name looks unreadble(displaying as a empty block) in path tree as while as song titles. Could you help me? Thanks.

  • Great! Just found this build today – and i must admit it is the best tagging solution for OSX by far!
    Best regards!

  • >These should both provide no problem implemented.
    >I would also consider extending that font option to the Log too – the Song List and Tags I don’t know yet.
    >What do you think ?

    yes, this should be the easiest option. the tag font should be ok left untouched, but file tree, song list and log should make a difference in gaining horizontal and vertical space.

    sure marco, just put it on your scratchpad for the future.
    your life and career come first, best of luck.

    thanks & keep up.

  • Hey straycat

    I see your dilemma and do feel the same about scrolling.
    Actually I like Mockup2 best, but I have no idea yet how difficult that will be since it will require a lot of ui element reordering.

    > just starting the tree level on the base folder set in preferences
    > and an option to choose font size (make it smaller),
    > would provide a better workflow already.
    These should both provide no problem implemented.
    I would also consider extending that font option to the Log too – the Song List and Tags I don’t know yet.
    What do you think ?

    I will definatly put this on the list, but don’t expect it to happen anytime soon.
    I have my 2. of 3 diploma exams next Tuesday, than 4-6 weeks later the last, and if I get lucky after that I find the time to code a few days and bring out a new release before starting my diploma thesis and finishing up my academic stuff – yeah ;-)

    Regards Marco.

  • adding to my previous post, actually, just starting the tree level on the base folder set in preferences and an option to choose font size (make it smaller), would provide a better workflow already.

  • i know you’re busy these days, marco, just want to leave another suggestion (more lika tall order really, which not even sure if is possible to do) which is change the disposition of the panes. currently, the song list requires too much horizontal scrolling and just shows 2/3 columns at a time in my limited screen size.

    mockup 1

    mockup 2

    another thing that would save space in the file tree would be to show the base folder specified in preferences as the first folder (no backtrail from volumes/media/etc.).

    just keep these in your scratchpad for a possible future update.
    best to you, man.

  • You should start with building an gtk+-mac environment with jhbuild.

    Then compile all additional libs needed for easytag, and then easytag itself,
    you can find a list of all libs in the Readme.html inside the disk image. You can find my modified easytag source on this page under downloads.

    You should be familiar with unix build tools (autoconf, gcc, etc) in order to complete this task or willing to read some man pages ;-).

    If you want to build flac I recommend the following configure parameters ( ./configure –disable-asm-optimizations –disable-doxygen-docs ).

    I suspect the error beeing relativly simple like some system library which is not in the package beeing renamed , so that dyld can not find it.
    But you should be able to figure that out from the crash report if you get one …
    Then you could even be able to fix the error without recompiling everything with “install_name_tool” and changing the refered lib path inside the binary inside the app bundle.

    If you can fix it somehow, or if a rebuild fixes the problem, I would be eager to know so, that I can update the “official” release accordingly.

    Otherwise you would have to wait until Lion gets out, then I would take this problem on myself … but without Lion on my hands I can only make educated guesses …


  • Hi, thanks for your work.

    But that build does not work under Lion :( Can you please post building instructions so i can rebuild it? I haven’t debugged it yet, but i think that problem is related to some library linking.

  • Sweet work, thank you so much. Not enough of this good stuff getting ported to Mac yet.

  • > daniel

    > …
    > This bug does not occur in Linux, so it should be a localization problem.
    I see, I will try to reproduce this, but don’t expect it to be anytime soon for I am very busy atm :-/

    > …
    > It is rather annoying to switch to “all files” and then scroll through a lot of audio files to find the jpg every time I want to tag a picture.
    You are right, this should be no problem to fix and will definatly go in the next release :-)

    > Perhaps you could choose a GTK theme closer to the current Leopard/Sleopard brushed-metal look? …
    I’m totally open for suggestions. I have tried 5 or 6 themes and this one looked best to me – if anyone finds a better one, let my know and I’ll try it.


  • I simply cannot express in words how much better this feels than the macports version! Having used Linux before, I couldn’t let go of this little gem of a program when i switched to Mac. So glad there’s finally a native version being developed :D

    A few comments though –

    Major annoyance – when tagging a flac file something like “Bach – Partita no.2 – Gigue”, easyTag somehow interprets this as three title fields “Bach”, “Partita no.2″ and “Gigue”; resulting in multiple title tags, which FLAC permits. However, when subsequently opening with a music player, or converting to another format, only the 1st tag is considered, resulting in a whole album with tracks named “Bach”. My workaround currently is to change all instances of the notation ” – ” to something else, which is extremely troublesome. This bug does not occur in Linux, so it should be a localization problem.

    The Add pictures dialog by default only recognises .jpeg, not .jpg. It is rather annoying to switch to “all files” and then scroll through a lot of audio files to find the jpg every time I want to tag a picture.

    Perhaps you could choose a GTK theme closer to the current Leopard/Sleopard brushed-metal look? No offense, but the glossy plastic look + cheesy gradients is rather jarring with the rest of the OS, though infinitely better than the macports version. E.g. in the add pictures dialog where the folder buttons at the top are hideously stretched when displaying long folder names.

  • Brilliant! Excelent.

    Keep on working on it.



  • Thanks a lot, really!!!
    With this, looks like one of the few nuisances which remained after my switch from windows to mac (ie, the lack of a good alternative to “Tag and rename”) has dissappeared. For the last year, I had to make those tag-editing tasks in my old ubuntu with Easytag, now I can keep using the macbook for this.
    Again, thanks a lot.

  • For the others : Both issues are by design, the buttons are just “push boxes” no “check boxes” and the columns are always made as wide as the largest text string requires.

    Thanks for you additional input by email straycat – I will surely take them into the account for the next release, which probably should be a beta ;-)

  • getting better every release. thanks marco.

    i just noticed that the small square checkboxes after each tagging field (on the right) don’t have a ‘checked’ (pressed) state anymore. in the native gui, you could see which button was pressed (applying the tag).

    just another remark which i don’t know if it’s by design, the column headers (artist, album, track, comment, etc.) in the song list can’t be dragged left or right and reordered.

    happy new year to everyone.

  • Wow. Marco comes through again with an awesome EasyTag build. Thanks so much!

  • My EasyTAG build for OS X alpha4 – just released

    I would be very interested in any feedback, especially about 10.5 and 10.4 experience and I would like to know even if everything works perfectly ;-)

    I wish everyone a happy new year !

  • /me drools at the features teaser…

  • no donate button yet ;-) . But that certainly sounds like a good idea too ;-D .

    Features Teaser for the next release :
    * OSXish theming
    * real OSX menubar support (remove GTK Menubar from easytag and put menus in osx bar)
    * program update notification and self updating with sparkle

    I hope this all works out like I plan ^^.
    Fortunatly the tighter osx integration (menubar) via ige-mac-integration library could also bring me a step further with the open File with easytag feature request …

  • ok, thanks a lot marco. i see it’s not a trivial task so everything in its own time.
    what about that donate button? the more free and of good will a software is, the more i wanna pay for it =)

  • @straycat: I’m not sure there exists GUI integration on the Linux version by default (don’t think so), but folders and files can be passed via the command line. This doesn’t work out of the box now, because there are some issues with osx passing the arguments along to the easytag application.
    Then easytag should also automatically register as application capable of certain music file types.
    And as the code stands now, every open via the finder would open a new easytag at that location and not instruct easytag to change the folder …
    It’s not trivial ;-)

    But I will have a look into it and see what I can do.

  • i forgot to ask something, and don’t know if it’s possible in the linux counterpart, but is it possible to update it to allow opening easytag and focus the file we choose by using “open with > easytag” in finder/path finder?


  • yay! great xmas gift. =)
    good thing i rss’d your website.

  • Thanks for all the encouraging comments and support, I plan on releasing a version with better Mac Integration in a few days / weeks.

    Regard Marco

  • I once built it and somewhat got it working but it was crashing when loading a few couples of tunes.
    I sighed a lot and decided to move on with Tagr, which is okay but not as powerful as Easytag.
    Your version seems to work great. Thank you so much for this !

  • yippie! easytag under mac. Thanks buddy :)

  • Thank you so much. This is fantastic. Easytag is great and I appreciate your effort to make this available for the new mac os.

  • hey marco, i wrote you an email before and you were very helpful.
    just to add up that your work is very much appreciated.
    after 4 years owning a mac, at last i can tag my music.
    i love you man. keep up the great work.

  • Thanks for the feedback and the appreciation :-)

  • Marco – thanks very much. App loads perfectly. EasyTAG does seem to be an easy way of keeping FLAC files up-to-date on a Mac; MediaMonkey doesn’t run on Mac, and Songbird does some weird things to the metadata, so easytag looks the best so far. Thanks again for the build.

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  • Great, I’m glad it works now
    will soon release alpha3 then

  • Yay! It is launching now. Thanks.

  • OK, I think I figured it out …
    Here is the new alpha Version to test :

    Easytag alpha3_test1

    It *SHOULD* support 10.4 and 10.5 now.
    But it has no wavpack support anymore atm.
    Please test it and give Feedback.

    For the technical interested :

    It is some dyld Load command issue, somehow the loader command LC_DYLD_INFO was incorporated in my libwavepack.dylib even though I think I passed the correct compile and linker options to libwavepack … the other libraries work fine with the same options, but perhaps it was only stupid me …
    Whatever, for the moment libwavpack has been removed but I hope the rest works now well with 10.4 and 10.5 – I try to figure wavepack out some time.

  • thanks all for the prompt and detailed feedback,
    I will look into this error and then post a new version which hopefully works …

  • It’s not launching for me.
    If I run the easytag-bin file in the package contents, I get this:

    Last login: Sun Apr 25 14:47:44 on ttyp1
    /Volumes/Easytag\ for\ OSX/; exit
    Welcome to Darwin!
    macbook:~ Joe$ /Volumes/Easytag\ for\ OSX/; exit
    dyld: Library not loaded: /Users/gtkdev2/gtk/inst/lib/libgtk-quartz-2.0.0.dylib
    Referenced from: /Volumes/Easytag for OSX/
    Reason: image not found
    Trace/BPT trap
    [Process completed]

  • the new alpha 2 is out which should be compatible with 10.4 and 10.5, please test it out and leave your comments or send me email feedback


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  • Hi, Thank you very much! It would be very nice to get it running on Mac but…I also have 10.5.8 and it crashes right away when I try to launch it. I would be most grateful if you can make a version that is compatible also with 10.5.8…Thanks a lot!

  • If possible, please build it for OS 10.4 as well.
    I’m using a 1st gen MBP and I’m not ready to upgrade my OS yet.

  • Hello Dan,

    sorry it doesn’t work right away …
    oh yeah I do have an idea.
    It seems I have linked against 10.6 only as a build target,
    so the dynamic library loader can’t load some essential stuff.
    I try to figure it out tomorrow when I’m back on my build machine and make the build 10.5, 10.6 compatible.


  • App crashes when I launch it (10.5.8). So I tried it in Terminal and fot this:
    dyld: unknown required load command 0x80000022
    Trace/BPT trap

    Any Ideas?

  • Thank you SOOOOO much for putting this together. Where is your “Donate” button ;-)

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  • I will see what I can do in the next few days to make an alpha build available

  • Hello there, i’m also interested in trying your binary as i couln’t manage to get easytag working with macports on OSX 10.6.


  • hey looks great!!!

    i am intrested.

    can you post a downloadlink?

    regards, martin

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