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Easytag Build for OSX (Lion)

Made my EasyTAG build for OSX Lion compatible. Thanks to the gtk+ people who provided gtk Lion patches in no time.
Please post some feedback if it works correctly. I would especially need feedback from 10.4 Users (if there are any left 😉 because I can't test that myself

  Go get it

4 Responses to “Easytag Build for OSX (Lion)”

  • Thank you, really appreciate your work for made EasyTag for MAC OS X. Running perfect on 10.9.3.

  • Thanks! Works smoothly on my OS X 10.8.2!

  • I know. The build is Intel only (like the download button says).

    Building an additional PPC binary or a hybrid PPC/Intel binary distribution is out of my ressources at the time. Plus I have no hardware to test …

    However you can try installing / building it via FINK if you are up to that.


    Regards Marco

  • Doesn’t run on OS X Tiger (PPC) anymore 🙁

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