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Easytag Build for OSX – alpha4 released

After a lot of integration work – I just released alpha4 of my EasyTAG build for Mac OS X 🙂

The feature list includes :
   » Usage of the OS X MenuBar
   » Added Mac OS X alike themeing
   » Update notification and self-updating capatibilities with a Sparkle helper application


-> Go get it while it's hot

I would be very interested in any feedback, especially about 10.5 and 10.4 experience and I would like to know even if everything works perfectly 😉 

I wish everyone a happy new year !

2 Responses to “Easytag Build for OSX – alpha4 released”

  • Oh, vielen Dank! Der beste tag-Editor der Welt jetzt endlich ein Stückchen nativer… danke danke danke 🙂

  • great job marco!
    everything working fine here but i’m on 10.6.
    great integration, much more native look and feel.
    thanks a lot for your effort.

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