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Sony VGN-NS21M and the DIPs

So just in case you ever come across a Sony VGN-NS21M Laptop or something similar where LCD Resolution is wrong (1024 instead of 1280) and / or the screen is black and blank even though the laptop seems to boot (backlight off), you just might have a case of wrong DIP Switch positions …

This Laptop has a panel of 4 dip-switches under the keyboard. Unfortunatly I was not able to find any manual where positions are described so I had to figure them out on my own.
If I recall correctly : 4 is for the backlight (Position on – on at start – off of at start) 3 is for the resolution (off 1280 – on 1024) 2 and 1 unknown

So the correct position for me was :
4 3 2 1
No Warranty – use this at your own risk
Not to say I have no clue how the costumer changed the dip positions ….

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