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Visualstudio 2008 clutters “CurrentSettings.vssettings” files everywhere

At the moment I am doing some C# programming with VS2008. Since a few days I had the Problem, that whenever I open a Project Visual Studio complains that it can not read or write from the “CurrentSettings.vssettings” file. As if that wouldn’t be enough VS startet cluttering my project folders and everything with it’s “.vssettings” files because there it was able to write. I tried to reset the Settings via the Visual Studio Menu : Menu -> Tools -> Import / Export Settigns -> Reset all Settings but that didn’t help either, it gave me the same error message.
After some digging deeper the solution was to right click on my “My Documents/Visual Studio 2008” folder and remove the write-protect option (inherently) from this folder and it’s files. Well I am almost certain I did not manually write-protect the settings file 😉 so this seems like a VS bug.
After that I restored to standard C# Settings and then made my usual adjustments – everything works fine again, altough if I look at the VS Folder some files in it are already right protected again – oh well everthing works and I am glad.

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