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Window Management in Windows 7

After installing and testing Window 7 RC thoroughly on my Workstation, I have to say that I quiet like it, not only thats it runs much smoother and faster than vista, has more Functions than XP and seems to be very stable and mature. Really the best part in my opinion is :
The Window Management (Window Manager) Simply because it now allows much more resize and placement operations with keyboard commands and the Mouse than the Window Managers in the predecessors. You always could maximize, minimize and show the desktop with keyboard shortcuts – but now you can resize the window to a size half of the screen and place it on the left or right edge of the screen. This way you can easily place two explorer / text editor / coding / whatever windows side by side for reading, comparing or drag’n’drop operations. Just as nice is the option to move your windows between your screens if you have a multi-monitor setup like me. Granted this was also possible in former windows version with third-party add-on software, but integrating this badly needed and productivity increasing features in windows 7 was a nice thing from microsoft.

Example video :
To watch this video, you need the latest Flash-Player and active javascript in your browser.

For your convinience here all the keyboard shortcuts I could find out :
Maximize WindowWin + up arrow
Minimize WindowWin + down arrow
(Re)center WindowWin + down / right / left arrow
Show desktopWin + d
Make Windows translucentWin + space
Resize Window to the left sideWin + left arrow
Resize Window to the right sideWin + right arrow
Move Window to the next left screenShift + Win + left arrow
Move Window to the next right screenShift + Win + right arrow

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